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Large projects Discounts
*Discounts for the amount of words of the original document to translate.

25.000+       3%

50.000+       4%

100.000+     5%
250.000+     6%
500.000+     7%
1.000.000+  8%

 Mission is a company created with the objective of satisfying the translation demand that the different areas of knowledge and business requires. Translation needs increase daily at fast rates. As a communication company, collaborate in the duty of making knowledge as universal as possible.

Our objective is to provide translation services to companies and people who need to communicate with different cultures or access information in other languages, helping them to achieve their working, commercial, educational and general information goals.

In the vast market of translation in Chile and the world, we assure our active participation offering exceptional quality translations, 100% accurate, considering the intention of the message and the style and form of the writing, at high speed and very low cost, comparing to the standards of the translation market.

Multi-language translation

Fast Translation
Fast Translation
In less than 24 Hours*

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(*)Text of less than 10.000 words. Ask for fast translation time of larger texts. Fast translation has a surcharge of 30% of the total translation value.

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